Schieffer Confronts Huckabee on Pseudo-Medical Infomercials

"I don't have to defend everything that I have ever done."

On Sunday’s edition of “Face the Nation,” host Bob Schieffer seemingly called out former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, for his spotty history of selling pseudo-scientific medicines and cures.

“Governor, let me ask you,” Schieffer began, “Ron Fournier of National Journal, who will be on this broadcast later today, writes that while you are talking as a populist, a blue-collar populist, you have lent your name for money to questionable products. And he points out that an infomercial you made for a diabetes cure is simply not supported by the medical community. How about– what about that?”

“Well, there’s going to be a lot of criticism thrown my way,” responded the GOP presidential candidate. “One of the things that I have said is that the particular plan you are talking about is about the healthy eating, watching the kind of foods one takes in. And, you know, I don’t have to defend everything that I have ever done. I am not doing those infomercials, obviously, now as a candidate for President. But if that’s the worst thing somebody can say to me is I advocated for people who have diabetes to do something to reverse it and stop the incredible pain of that, then I am going to be a heck of a good President.”

Schieffer stopped short of calling Huckabee a charlatan, however, he did point out that he has diabetes himself, so he knows a great deal on the matter, and asked Huckabee to clarify exactly what he was selling in those ads — particularly the “pills of some sort.”

“No. No. There was not– that’s a misnomer,” responded Huckabbe about the alleged pills. “One of the elements of the plan was dietary supplements but it is not the fundamental thing. The fundamental thing is always as you and I both know, it’s exercise it’s good eating habits, it’s maintaining sugar levels, it’s not eating a bunch of junk food, processed food, lots of carbs, sugar those type of things. It– it’s– as somebody might say it’s not rocket science or, as some might say, it ain’t rocket surgery. It’s really pretty simple, but it does require some discipline. And it’s– it’s one of the four big things that are–

CNN’s Jake Tapper has also confronted Huckabee on his questionable business habits within the medical world, as he has rented out his email list in the past to a group selling “hidden cures for cancer” embedded in Bible verses.

Watch Schieffer’s interview with Huckabee, courtesy of CBS News (via Mediaite).

Also, watch Huckabee on “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” courtesy of CNN.

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