SB Nation Launches 20 Regional Sites, Has Expanded Since We Saw ‘Em Last

Sports blog network SB Nation has grown a bit since we checked in with them last.

A year ago, the site employed 14 people and had a network of 200 sports bloggers all posting under a revenue share agreement.

The site now has 29 fulltime employees and 250 blogs under the SB Nation banner, and the company has just announced SB Nation Regional, hubs for all sports in a certain region. SB Nation will launch regional hubs in New York, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Arizona, D.C., Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Tampa, Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the Bay Area.

All of these hubs will be up by the end of June, but a couple have already launched. D.C.’s looks pretty slick.

The launches include “no additional hires”, paidContent reports, which is a bit of a bummer. But growth is good.

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