Savannah Fans Unite, Nothing X-Rated


MSNBC’s Savannah Guthrie has fans who have taken their liking of her to a new level – they’ve created an online fan club to show their love.

The site is called: “Fans of Savannah.” It’s run by “Pavlo,” who also runs a music blog called “Deadbeat Bohemians.” Guthrie is MSNBC’s White House correspondent and co-host of “The Daily Rundown.”

So far, she’s pleased. “I’m flattered,” she tweeted “Pavlo,” whose Twitter handle is @DeadbeatBoheme.

About: “This is a fan site dedicated to Savannah Guthrie, MSNBC White House News Correspondent and co-host of The Daily Rundown. It’s meant to provide a forum for those who, like me, have gotten in the habit of watching her on TDR every day and who might be interested in communing with others caught up in the same habit.”

The site promises a Discussion Forum, which will be all things Savannah. But the site creator warns, “This will be a moderated discussion; nothing explicitly crude, rude, or X-rated will appear. Flame wars will be quickly extinguished.” Criticism of Savannah is allowed but it must be “reasonably” constructive, the creator adds.

The creator sounds mildly obsessed with her. But you’d have to be to create a site like this, right? The creator writes…

“In my opinion, Savannah Guthrie must be just about the most complex person on TV. As varied, multi-faceted and ever-shifting as the news she covers, she seems to be so many different things, possessed of so many different capabilities and talents, that at times it is hard to fully fathom or absorb them all,” the creator writes.

Pavlo (a.k.a. @DeadbeatBoheme) tweeted Guthrie on Sunday:

@SavannahGuthrie If there is anything you wish to promote, any suggestions you want to make, anything youÂ’d like me to include…

@SavannahGuthrie Please don’t hesitate to email. This is one site in which your thoughts, ideas, concerns and opinions have first priority