Sasha Frere-Jones Out at LA Times Amid Strip Club Allegations

That's one way to go out.

Sasha Frere-Jones, who joined The Los Angeles Times last July, is no longer employed by the paper amid some slightly awkward accusations.

According to The Wrap, Frere-Jones tried to expense a $5,000 trip to a venue that his editors evenually found out was a strip club. When confronted, Frere-Jones said he was there interviewing a rapper. However, the rapper’s reps said no such interview took place. Oops.

If that wasn’t enough, Frere-Jones was also caught accepting a trip sponsored by Dom Pérignon. Frere-Jones cancelled the trip at the last minute, so Pérignon’s PR reps contacted the LA Times asking if another staffer would like to go instead. This was all news to LA Times editors.

There were also allegations that Frere-Jones promised Coachella coverage to an artist if the artist paid Frere-Jones’ travel expenses.

“We don’t generally provide comment on employment matters such as this,” an LA Times spokesperson told The Wrap. “With his permission, I can tell you that he decided to transition to freelance so he could focus on writing a book, which is under contract with FSG.”

Maybe the book is about strip clubs!