Sarah Ellison on Writing War at The Wall Street Journal

So, you’ve got a great idea for a book. You’ve done all the research, secured a publisher, and are ready to go. Now here comes the hard part: writing the damn thing.

Sarah Ellison, author of War at The Wall Street Journal, not only faced the usual writer’s block, but her manuscript and first child were due on the same day. In our Media Beat interview, Ellison told founder Laurel Touby what it took to finally get started.

“It’s really important at the very beginning even though you’re eager to start writing and eager to start moving on your book, it’s really important to set out an organizational structure from the get-go,” Ellison said. “And then, even if you change that along the way, you sort of know where the snippets are going from your various interviews.”

Watch the full video to get more tips from Ellison on getting through the writing process and why she almost returned her advance money.

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