Samsung lifts the lid off the Galaxy S4, packs a 5” screen and 13MP rear-facing camera


Samsung today revealed the fourth iteration of its flagship Galaxy S smartphone, packing a 5-inch 1080p screen and 13 megapixel rear-facing camera. The handset will be available beginning in April for 327 wireless carriers across 155 countries.

At an event in New York City, the South Korean conglomerate’s head of Samsung Mobile J.K. Shin listed off many of the new features for the S4 including its slimmer and stronger design, camera functions and floating touch technology.

The S4, which features a polycarbonate exterior, is 7.9 mm thick and 136.6 mm in length, weighing 130 grams.

The S4’s Air Gesture feature is one of the more innovative additions the handset. Essentially, a user can navigate the phone without touching the touch screen. A user can perform simple hand gestures to look through photos, browse the web (dubbed Smart Scroll) and more. Air Gesture is similar to Samsung’s Air View feature for the Galaxy Note device, which allows users to hover the S Pen over their devices to see a sneak peek view of a picture within an album, for example. Another feature called Smart Pause detects the user’s eyes, so if the user is watching a video and looks away from the screen, the video will pause, and when the user looks back at the screen, the video will resume playback.

One of the S4’s new camera functions is the dual camera feature, which allows the user to simultaneously take a picture or record themselves with the front-facing camera, while shooting video or taking pictures with the rear-facing camera. The user recording or taking a picture of themselves with the front-facing camera will be seen in the final cut with what they shot or recorded with the rear-facing camera.

Other notable hardware feautres of the S4 includes a 1.9GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor, Android Jelly Bean OS (version 4.2.2) and 2 megapixel front-facing camera.

The handset, which packs 2GB of ram, will be available in white and black, and available in three storage sizes including 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, along with a MicroSD card slot for up to an additional 64GB of storage. The smartphone is also available in both 3G and 4G LTE. Samsung didn’t disclose an exact release date or price point.