Salman Rushdie Talks Nail Sex on The View

salmanV.pngHas The View gone literary? Gabbing it up with the ladies today was Salman Rushdie, Booker Prize winner, fatwa survivor (ah yes! the hot topic), and according to today’s chat wannabe actor (because apparently, no matter how smart or successful, we all just want to be movie stars…Rushdie would like Hollywood to know that he’s available). Anyway, Rushdie has a new book just out that’s reportedly full of sex (including nail sex…we’ve no idea). But what the ladies really wanted to know was how a man who had to spend nearly a decade in hiding managed to find a wife (ha ha ha, Joy Behar). Apparently “hiding” isn’t quite the clandestine operation we might assume it to be.

The thing about a security detail is that it’s very visible.