Russell Crowe Gets Way Better Press Down Under

It seems rather strange that the latest Russell Crowe movie Three Days Later is only just now opening in Australia, two months after its U.S. bow and roll out in dozens of international territories.

To mark the occasion, Sydney Morning Herald reporter Greg Truman rounds up the North American media bashing the actor suffered in connection with the poor-performing Lionsgate thriller ($21 million domestic). There’s the insinuation in a Toronto newspaper that Crowe drove writer-director Paul Haggis back to chain smoking; a cantankerous New York City press conference during which Crowe dismissed one question with the reply, “Oh dude, c’mon.” And there’s the LA Times piece that unfavorably compared Crowe to the likes of Johnny Depp.

Don’t they get it? It’s Russell; our Russ. Actor, chameleon, action guy, footy lover, phone thrower, charitable fella, thoughtful father, Aussie bloke…

He’s conspicuously anti-dickhead, according to some who know him, likes a party, loves rock music and plays in a band. He rescued Souths, even put a Rabbitohs hat on Oprah Winfrey’s scone and gibbered about Greg Inglis on Jay Leno’s show.

We get it. Guys like Crowe and recent Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais cut through the Hollywood hypocrisy to tell it like it is (though perhaps not always as cleverly as one might hope). As far as FishbowlLA is concerned, Tinseltown-smacking foreigners will always be welcome.