Rough Night For the WH Pool

A tipster writes in (and we confirmed) that last night’s “White House Press pool duty was a complete nightmare. At 5:20pm they whisked the pool out of the trailor and were escorted across the street to the Blair House, where the President was supposed to attend a “social event,” for what the pool was told, 20 minutes or so. The pool
waited 30 minutes in the freezing cold for POTUS and FLOTUS and others to walk over, and then had to wait outside for another hour while the President dined and socialized inside. With the exception of Carlton Carroll and one other advance member, the President’s security detail and accompanying police waited in their warm suburbans, at times telling the freezing pool members, “It’s so hot in here.” In total the pool was forced to wait for an hour and a half in what was 4 degrees when you factored in the windchill. The White House Press Corps are owed an apology.

To be fair, we hear that the police appeared to be joking. As they waited in the cruiser, one said, “It’s so hot in here,” then laughed and said, “I’m going to roll up my window now so you don’t throw things at me.”