Rolling Stone, Now in Handy T-Shirt Form


We admit that we’ve amassed an impressive collection of magazine t-shirts over the years—here a long-sleeved hooded number from Liz Tilberis-era Harper’s Bazaar, there a flimsy Elle logo tee—but aside from the odd purple one with the Vanity Fair logo that we picked up on eBay, they were all freebies. Ever the shatterer of paradigms, Rolling Stone is inverting the free-tee-with-subscription concept and selling “collectors’ edition t-shirts” that come with a free one-year subscription to the magazine. It’s all part of a new exclusive deal with Macy’s, surely the most rock n’ roll of department stores, in which t-shirts featuring a selection of iconic Rolling Stone covers will sell for $36 at select Macy’s stores and online.

According to Macy’s vice president of men’s fashion Jerry Balest, “The new collection of Rolling Stone tees appeals to today’s cross-channel lifestyle,” probably not referring to people who take the Eurostar on a regular basis (they tend to prefer Hanro). “Macy’s is honored to be exclusively bringing back these covers in a new, wearable way.” As for the covers who made the cut, there are the obvious choices—The Beatles (Issue 46, November 15, 1969) and Jimi Hendrix (Issue 809, April 1, 1999)—and then something for everyone:

Other covers featured include Metallica (Issue 617, November 14, 1991), Kid Rock (Issue 843, June 22, 2000), Jim Morrison (Issue 88, August 5, 1971), Johnny Cash (Issue 933, October 16, 2003), Ozzy Osbourne (Issue 901, July 25, 2002), Kurt Cobain (Issue 683, June 2, 1994), Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg (Issue 666 September 30, 1993), The Beastie Boys (Issue 804, January 21, 1999) and Jerry Garcia (Issue 740, August 8, 1996).