Roderick Pens New Book

From the release:

    Probitas Press today announced publication of an acclaimed new book on television, co-authored by Lee Roderick, a former Washington, D.C. news bureau chief, television news director, and 1988 president of the National Press Club. “Television Tightrope: How I Escaped Hitler, Survived CBS and Fathered Viacom,” by Ralph Baruch and Roderick, is an insider’s narrative history of television and the memoir of Baruch, founder and longtime CEO and chairman of Viacom.

    Emmy Award-winner Baruch fled to the U.S. in 1940 as a teenager from Nazi-held Europe–as related in the book. Years later he was a group president at CBS when it spun off a new company, Viacom, under his leadership. After a rocky start, Viacom rose to become the world’s largest media company. In 1999 it bought its parent, CBS.

    Baruch also spearheaded cable television’s chief battles for fairness against ABC, CBS, NBC and federal agencies, prying Washington’s fingers from the neck of cable to set it soaring. The result: In 1977 American viewers got seven channels at most, all from broadcasting. In 2007 they can get 500 or more, almost all produced by cable.