Reporter Recalls His Brief Nightclub Encounter With Prince

Complete with some short and sweet celebrity context.

The words are cascading forth from all sides this afternoon, in memory of Prince. The Nation sports editor Dave Zirin remembers his time as a university student in Minneapolis St. Paul and how, his senior year, he chose to cram in as many visits as possible to local club First Avenue.

Tonight,  the all-night dance party for Prince begins at 11 p.m. But back then, Zirin had just caught another thrilling albeit familiar set by The Time. Suddenly, he was in the presence of Prince, wedged between two massive bodyguards. Zirin frames that moment with some funny celebrity context:

In the 20 years since, I’ve met Danny DeVito, Lionel Messi and Al Pacino. I have never met a man that short of stature with that kind of scary, almost, unsettling, charisma. He was fireworks. He was art. He was the drugs that Nancy Reagan told you not to take.

Ha ha. That pretty much sums up the man’s aura, doesn’t it? Just say yes to Prince! Although the words spoken by Zirin to Prince that night were not nearly as eloquent as the description above, one can’t really blame him. Read the rest here.