Revolving Door: We’re Going to Need a Bigger Door


Maybe our favorite bit of creativity of all time, “Pieces of Her,” a play about market research for Tide written by weirdos at Saatchi, has made the rounds in the Cinncinatti HQ of Proctor and Gamble and caused a big shake up. “Hey,” thinks a high powered P&G executive, “reading this play is making me deal with the emotions I feel toward myself, toward Tide, and all the agencies who handle our interactive accounts.” And then they smoked a thousand dollar bill and feasted upon the last living Keebler elf.

Point is, Ad Age has reported that there’s been a massive shakeup among the interactive firms that work with P&G. Three firms are gone and a batch of newbies have been added. The best part of this is that the firms that have, for years, been running the company’s two largest accounts, Pampers and Gillette, have “formally joined the roster.” So those millions upon millions were just a fun-time trial run? Isn’t that like dating someone, having children with them, spending the next seventy years together, and then finally annoucing, “Okay, I’ll go out on a date with you.”?