Review: Posh Spice Invades America, NBC Tags Along


Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, the NBC reality show starring Posh Spice, begins with the couple in Madrid for the W cover shoot. He is shirtless and beautiful, she’s simply the latter. Then she jets off to America, while her husband stays behind to lead his Real Madrid team to the Spanish League Championship. You know, typical married couple stuff.

In the United States, Posh goes through standard moving rituals. She buys a $17.5 million dollar house (formerly owned by Lionel Richie), swayed in part by the fact that Spiderman, Batman and Leo DiCaprio live around the corner. She goes through an earthquake simulator and attends a luncheon with L.A. socialites. She meets her personal assistant (“She can’t be too good-looking or too thin”), and talks incessantly about her hair. She confronts Perez Hilton after he posts an unflattering item about her and throws out the first pitch at a Dodger game after Little Leaguers teach her to play ball. She uses the term “major” constantly. All in day’s work for the wife of arguably the most famous face in the world.

Victoria plays the part of reality star brilliantly. She’s funny (of the paparazzi craze at the airport upon her arrival, she says, “Maybe they thought Madonna was coming or something”), refreshingly honest (“I’m really homesick and I find shopping quite therapeutic, as ridiculous as that sounds”) and almost American (she cheats on her driving test).

Will we watch? Honestly, we don’t know. Our gut feeling is no, but with Simon Fuller behind it, anything is possible. The LA Galaxy are betting $250 million David will make us care about football soccer, so we won’t blame Jeff Zucker for dispatching a camera crew to trail Posh. She and her husband have a chance to become American royalty. If they don’t, watching her fail might be more entertaining.