Review of a Year Museums Won’t Soon Forget


Well, as the old saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. After reading this brief report about the Orange County Museum of Art deciding to postpone a Richard Diebenkorn exhibit for the second time this year, due to its not being able to handle the many hundreds of thousands of dollars it would cost to put it together, it made us think that reading Daniel Grant‘s recap of the museum industry in 2009, “Portrait of a Challenging Year,” all the more relevant and worthy of posting another year-in-review link. Grant provides a great overview of all the good and bad that came this year (mostly the latter), ranging largely from those museums who had to scale way back once their endowments disappeared and audiences stopped coming or came with less money to give, to those museums who just couldn’t weather the storm and were forced to close. We here at UnBeige have reported on hundreds of museum stories this year, and told in small doses, it’s easy to lose sight of what an incredibly tumultuous year 2009 has been. Good to see the big picture and read a bit about how those who survived will be trying to get their homes back in order.