Reuters Revamps Website

Reuters’ website is getting a new look, but it’s not happening all at once. As of now, when you visit, the old one appears with a link to check out the new format. It is supposed to go live at some point today. The new look, according to paidContent, is a direct reaction to Bloomberg and other sites, which have shifted from the business-centric approach to appeal to a wider audience:

Bloomberg, Reuters and Dow Jones (NSDQ: NWS) have been working diligently on becoming more “consumer facing,” that is, appealing to wider professional audience than the financial markets professionals who subscribe to their respective services. The feeling is that as the business of news is flattened on the web, where traditional print brands are effectively rendered equal in terms of distribution and reach, these financial information companies can expand their presence to both readers and advertisers, thereby enhancing their their core services.

This is definitely reflected in the new site. The old site features typical Reuters content – there’s articles about the economy, a piece about Europe’s debt crisis, and a stock ticker lines the right side of the page.

The new Reuters homepage features an article about Casey Anthony and the stock ticker has been replaced by a column called “Trend Watch,” which shows the most tweeted Reuters posts.

The look is certainly a step up from the old page. Take note, Bloomberg and others, because Reuters is certainly taking note of you.

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