Reporting by Twittering


The NYT has a piece about some reporters who are “filing” sentence long updates, missives, jokes or random thoughts while covering the 2008 presidential campaign (see some examples here).

Obviously, it’s the latest piece of technology used by reporters to get the word out (cuz, you know, as soon as three reporters do it, that’s enough for a New York Times trend piece), although “the word” being put out there can be as mundane as:

  • This week: should i be in south carolina or florida?”

  • Ypsilanti, MI: Nothing much. Just wanted to type ‘Ypsilanti.‘”

    Occasionally, you do get some hard news:

  • I’m hearing that Rev. Calvin Butts is endorsing HRC tomorrow.”

    What’s your take? Do you welcome this as yet another trickle in the stream of information?

    Or is this just a cure for campaign ADD? Technology simply for technology’s sake?

    Let us know: