Report: WABC-TV Weather Forecaster Heidi Jones Lies About Being Raped

Update: WABC spokesman says the station has suspended Jones pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Heidi Jones is the weekend weathercaster on WABC/Channel 7. Jones also fills in on Good Morning America. She is making her own news this morning. In a story reported first by the New York Post, Jones is accused of filing a false report regarding a rape in Central Park.

According to the Post, Jones was arrested for allegedly faking a story about being raped while jogging in Central Park. The charge is a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted, she could face up to one year in jail or a $1,000 fine.

The story says that Jones, 37, was assaulted in September. But sources tell the Post that her story doesn’t hold together for detectives.  

The claim is that Jones was attacked on Sept. 24 by a Hispanic man in his 30s or 40s. The article says she was taken from behind and dragged into a wooden area. The Post says his attempts to rape Jones were thwarted by two passers-by who came to her aid.

Sources tell the New York Post that the first red flag was Jones not filing the report until two months later (Nov. 24).

Police found other inconsistencies with the Jones’ report.  

Initially, sources say to the Post that Jones told cops the same man harassed her saying that, “I know you went to the police.”

Utimately, according to the Post, Jones confronted with the potential holes in her story admitted to police that she created the story out of thin air.

Jones said she made up the story looking for some sympathy to counter an unknown setback that she was experiencing in her personal life, the sources told the Post.

While Jones did not address the situation on her Facebook page, one fan did ask: “Did you file a false police report and are now arrested?”