Regional Reporters Look To “Regional Cooperation” To Seek “Out New Ways To Cooperate While Still Competing”


FishbowlDC has gotten our hands on an email distributed by Regional Reporters Association President Suzanne Struglinski, in which she writes:

    While the number of regional reporters in the nation’s capital may be shrinking, the surviving scribes, who toil daily to bring home Washington news of interest to their readers, are seeking out new ways to cooperate while still competing.

    The nearly 20-year-old Regional Reporters Association has launched a new resource for reporters working for regional papers, a blog updated daily with links to news and feature stories written by the 70 members of the organization.

    The blog allows RRA members to see what other regional reporters are writing about the budget bills, the 2008 presidential race or myriad other aspects of the federal government’s impact on local governments and states. The blog is for members only, though any reporters who write from Washington for a regional publication can join for only $20 a year and access a daily aggregate links to their colleagues/competitors stories.