Reddit Sync Lets You View Images Inline

How do you browse Reddit?  On your PC?  iPad?  Android?  If it’s the latter, then there are a deluge of new apps appearing that allow you to more easily view the site’s content.  We recently covered Reddit is Fun, which has since had some Apple troubles, and today we’ll be covering Reddit Sync, a new app that lets you view images inline, thereby speeding up the browsing process considerably.

Unlike the other Reddit is Fun application, this one lets you log in and post replies and comments to any subreddit you want.  This is a big benefit as half the fun of using Reddit is engaging in conversation with the other commenters — well, maybe not for trolls!

One of the coolest features is the ability to look at images inline, which means you can just check out an image without having to leave the page then press back.

Credit to Android Authority for discovering this little gem of an app, and head over to the Google Play store to check it out.