Give People A Reason To Miss You

Everybody gets busy, and once in a while we all get too busy for Twitter.

This is (or should be) a good thing. Hopefully, it means your business, family or friends are taking up too much of your time. Hopefully that’s a positive.

These past couple of weeks I’ve been completely swamped with a project at work. A social-media powered sale that I put together for a client has been successful beyond our wildest expectations, to a point where it’s actually generated a bunch of little headaches because it’s been so big. These are nice problems to have, but problems need solutions, and solutions quickly eat up a lot of your free time.

I’m happy to work 15-hour days when I’m seeing results, but other things have to take a back seat by necessity.
This has unfortunately included my personal account on Twitter. My daily post rate has dropped dramatically in recent weeks. It’s also impacted the number of updates on this blog. Fortunately, I’ve put in a lot of hours in the past in both of these areas, and have a pretty solid body of work to keep people interested. Amazingly, traffic to Twittercism is actually up this week. On Twitter, others have noticed that I’ve been absent and have reached out. This is always welcome.

Give people a reason to miss you, and to stay in touch. We all need downtime and we all get busy. Put in the work ahead of time and your breaks will take care of themselves. The last thing anybody wants is the realisation that nobody noticed. Or cared.