Really Philip Kennicott? Daniel Libeskind’s ROM Addition is the Worst Architecture of the Decade?


Over to the east of we here in Chicago, Philip Kennicott of the Washington Post has released his picks for the best architecture of the decade. It’s your standard fare, with things like Frank Gehry‘s Disney Hall and the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing. But it’s his one selection at the very end of his story, with his pick for the worst of the decade, that is apt to get the most attention. He’s selected Daniel Libeskind‘s addition to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, calling it both ugly and useless. There’s nothing really too new there either, as the structure received mixed reviews from the very beginning. But being the absolute worst of the decade? Has Kennicott travelled anywhere outside of his own home? Seems like you could walk a block in any direction in any major city in the US and find architecture worse than how bad he thinks Libeskind’s is. Sure, all those awful, quickly built, unsold condos we’re now forced to live with weren’t made by a starchitect, but come on. In any case, Libeskind will always have Conde Nast‘s Traveler on his side. Well, them and art students who make pipe bombs.