Reader Feedback To Post’s Revamped Food Section

From here:

    The text of the renovated recipes was harder for some readers to make out, so we have increased its type size.

    A typeface that we’re using in some other places, particularly at the top of “Dinner in Minutes,” also came across as difficult to read for some. See if it’s better this week.

    Speaking of “Dinner,” its move from Page F3 to Page F2 caused a few readers to miss it altogether, even with a bigger photo. Don’t worry; it’s one of our favorites. We’re committed, which is why we gave it a bolder look.

    Our new Recipes page was overwhelmingly praised, but we received complaints that we ruined its “clippability” by publishing recipes on the back of that page, too. Point taken. We’ll be more careful to avoid that in the future.

    Some readers have found technical glitches in the new Recipe Finder database, and we’re working with our colleagues at to fix them.

    The absence of Robert Wolke’s Food 101 column from the March 21 issue caused some to worry that he was gone from the section. Not true: His column runs twice monthly, and that wasn’t his week to appear. He’s on Page F4 today.