Radar Experiencing “Turnover”

Radar-gpolitics-cover.jpgPortfolio is reporting that Radar may be in the midst of an exodus of sorts. The magazine, which has launched itself three times since 2003, has recently seen the departure of Deputy Editor Chris Tennant, Senior Editor Tyler Gray, and just this week Managing Editor Leigh Ann Boutwell. Radar editors claim it’s just the usual “turnover,” and editor-in-chief Maer Roshan points out that (not surprsingly…Radar’s great online presence has always trumped its print one in our opinion) “page views this month have been the highest since the launch.”

Meanwhile the NYPost is reporting that US Weekly owner Jann Wenner is “going nuts on the budgets…prompting some longtime staffers to look for jobs elsewhere.” What we would like to know is where are all these magazine folk going? Or is this just the first rumblings of the new Bonnie Fuller media venture to come?