VCCircle Enters Rupert Murdoch’s Orbit

Latest News Corp acquisition bathed in quintessential startup blood, sweat and tears.

NewsCorp_VCCircleWhen PV Sahad solo-launched VCCircle Network in India in 2005, the idea of staying in business long enough to attract multiple suitors and a winning bid from News Corp was nowhere in his sights. From an interview with The Hindu newspaper group’s BusinessLine website:

Sahad “boot-strapped” the firm for the first two years. Some revenues, by way of advertisements and job postings on websites, trickled in. Those were tough times, admits Sahad, adding building an online media firm needs a lot of money and monetization was nowhere in sight. “It was like running on a treadmill. You were running, but you were still at the place where you started,” he reminisces of those days.

“You don’t know whether you are doing the right thing or not; you don’t have your paychecks coming; you don’t know where it’s going…. I could have left it and gone back to a job, which was the easiest thing to do, but I didn’t.”

Sahad ran in place long enough to wind his way to seed funding and a growing staff that today numbers around 100. The VCCircle Network acquisition encompasses flagship website as well as, VCCEdge, VCCircle Training and a conference business.

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