Pulitzer Winner: The New York Times = Tonya Harding

0227pitts.jpgNew Yorkers largely haven’t heard of Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. It’s a damn shame. The Pulitzer Prize & ASNE award-winning commentator just wrote the best takedown of Bill Keller we’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact, we’ll go as far to say that it’s required reading for these post-Timesgate days.

Two excerpts:

“I am surprised to learn that Tonya Harding has taken up journalism. What else explains last week’s knee-capping of Sen. John McCain by The New York Times? Obviously, the bad girl of figure skating has been given a corner office at Times headquarters.”

The Times has instead published a warmed-over hash of seamy innuendo that does little more than provide ammunition to those members of the right-wing noise machine who routinely see liberal media bias in every news story that doesn’t genuflect at their ideological altar. The thing is, this time, they might have a point.”

(Image via PBS)