From Pulitzer Finalist to Pulitzer Judge

When asked around Nyack who might win today, John Daniszewski's customary reply has been - "We'll see."

JohnDanisewskiPicFor those wondering what goes into the annual selection of Pulitzer Prize winners, set to be revealed this centennial year at 3 p.m. ET, a good place to turn is a recent profile of one of the 16 voting Pulitzer board members in The Journal News.

John Daniszewski (pictured), vice president and senior manager of internation news for AP, was a finalist in 2007 for his contribution to a package of stories in the L.A. Times about the Iraq War. Six years later, the 62-year-old Nyack, N.Y. resident was standing in line at a local retail store when he took a call inviting him to join the Pulitzer board. From Daniszewski’s conversation with Steven P. Marsh:

“It’s more work than you would think,” Daniszewski tells The Journal News. “It’s a lot of reading, of course… You want to read every word carefully.

“We have to read 15 books” for the literary awards before shifting focus to journalism, he explains. “That’s about a book a week. Then the journalism, we’re reading those online. It’s basically whenever you have a free hour to read them.”

Still, he says, the honor is not without its joys: “It’s been called the greatest book club there is.”

Two of the 18 Pulitzer board members – the prize administrator and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism dean Steve Coll – do not have voting privileges.

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