Producteev’s socializes task management with update for iOS, Android & more

Cross-platform task management service Producteev is launching an update to its service today that integrates the service more deeply with competing services from Google and other task management programs.

The app — which functions on Windows and Mac desktop, open web, iPhone and Android — allows users to create and manage projects in a collaborative space that’s two parts e-mail to one part social networking. Users can break down projects into individual tasks and sub-tasks, set reminders, outsource tasks to bidding services like TaskRabbit and discuss tasks with project teammates using a Twitter-like interface.

The service can be synced with Gmail, Google Calendar, Android’s Astrid task management app and several instant messaging services. By syncing the app, users can receive, reply to and update Producteev tasks from any of these services without having to actually open the app. A crowdsource feature also allows users to post certain tasks to their social networks on Facebook and Twitter to solicit feedback or assistance from their social graph.

We frequently see the larger publicly-traded tech giants introducing and modifying task management and group collaboration tools — like Google’s Tasks or Facebook’s Groups feature — but these tools sometimes struggle to gain traction with the kinds of users that need the tools. A lot of them also neglect to launch mobile versions. For example, group collaborative tool Google Wave was discontinued after a little over a year due to a lack of interest and Google Tasks still doesn’t have a mobile component.

“Google is interesting because they’re close to developers like us and they know we can help them grow because we extend the scope of what they’re doing,” Producteev CEO and co-founder Ilan Abehassera tells Inside Mobile Apps. “If you look at Gmail, you have Google Tasks — it’s very simple to turn an email into a task and create a manual task. And that’s it. No collaboration, no mobile. So we let people sync tasks with Producteev so you have access to more features. It brings us lots of users and keeps users using Google Tasks.”

Producteev can be used for free by up to two people and charges a monthly fee of $20 for three or more collaborators. The company closed a single round of funding in 2011 and is close to break-even, according to Abehassera. While he didn’t reveal download numbers or active usage stats, he did say that the service is getting between 1 and 5,000 sign-ups per day without marketing.