Print Media Gets a Visit from the Grim Reaper

In the aftermath of the last week’s black media week those keeping tally of layoffs and foldings had their hands full. This includes the anonymous blogger the Grim Reaper over at Magazine Death Pool (the name pretty much sums up the premise of the blog). In the midst of the Wall Street’s late September meltdown Business Week‘s Jon Fine noted that ‘Grim’ “has proven especially acute…in spotting potential future category implosions.” So we thought we’d take a look and see what his current predictions are. As of last Thursday this is what Grim had to say:

There will be more layoffs. I am waiting for news to slip out from both Hachette and Hearst like it leaked out of Conde Nast this morning. The Reaper knows more magazines will be folding in the next two months. Look at such likely victims such as Sound & Vision, Coastal Living, boating and yachting titles, the withering Blender, Nickelodeon, and SI For Kids. Entertainment Weekly should do what Radar should have done and just become a web site. How long is the destitute AMI going to stick with Country Weekly?</blockquoteInteresting, yes? We’re also curious to know who this Grim Reaper person is. Obviously someone with a lot of inside knowledge, but perhaps not technically on the inside themselves? Some unable to post their info, musings elsewhere? Thoughts anyone?