PressReader for iPad: Newspaper Replica App That Actually Works Well & Looks Good

I really dislike the more-or-less (mostly more) replica e-magazines for the iPad. I’ve bought a few different e-magazines for the iPad and never bought a second issue (either individual apps or in-app purchase). So, I was prepared to thoroughly dislike the exact replica newspaper view in PressReader for iPad.

PressReader 2.2 (iTunes App Store)

PressReader is a free iPad app that lets you buy single issues for 99 cents per download (in-app purchase) or $29.99 per month for an all-you-can-eat(read) plan. $360 per year is quite a lot unless you are a true newspaper junkie, in which case it is probably quite a deal. But, pricing issues aside, the real news here (pun intended) is that the reading experience is not the horrendous mess I expected from a faithful paper-to-digital translation. Although the newspapers look exactly like their paper editions, navigation was smooth, fast, and simple.

I don’t think I’m a candidate for the $29.99 per month all-you-can-read plan. But, it looks like a good way to grab a paper or two before heading off on a plane trip or grabbing something to read for a bus ride to a conference center. And, it is certainly a good way to avoid ink-stained fingers. PressReader provides access to 1700+ full content newspapers.

Disclosure: PressReader provided a free 6 month unlimited account for evaluation purposes.