Postcard From the Beach: Fish on Ice, Palin in the Lobby

Fish on ice.jpg

My co-editor Matt Dornic has sent me this pleasant Fish on Ice photograph from Virginia Beach. With some of the iciness coming our way as of late, he thought it fitting. The fish is from Catch 31 at the Virginia Beach Hilton.

In other Virginia Beach Hilton news, Dornic ran into former V.P. hopeful Sarah Palin in lobby of the hotel, where they’re both staying. “She was walking out of the Hilton to go speak at some Freedom Festival event when I was walking in from a day on the beach,” Dornic said. “And I must say, she looked good but I’m not sure I could defend her denial of plastic surgery.” Dornic said Palin’s physique rivaled that of a “hot 18-year-old.”