A FishbowlDC reader (okay, a Postie) points out some of the impressive features on that we haven’t previously brought to your attention.

    What we’re doing on our site is just really, really cool, from a production level and also from just a pure research tool, whether you’re a citizen journalist or just a political junkie. Take [the March 18] story on McCain, which is not blockbuster, runs on page A4 in the old dead-wood edition.

    But online, it’s prominently featured and then you’ve got this link.

    It’s an impressive photo gallery of 30 years or so of McCain pictures. Pretty darn cool.

    Then, if you go to our meet-the-candidates page, you can link to McCain and actually see every damn story we’ve written about him since he’s announced for president.

    Also, this is the project we did with the John Solomon-McCain story 5 weeks ago that was good.

    And that’s a look at every single donation that McCain got in ’05-’06 to his Straight Talk America PAC. I’m not 100% certain, but I don’t know of any other media organization that’s giving away, for free that sort of data. (Some nonprofits might be, those watchdog types, but not newspapers, networks, anything like that.)