Politico’s Mike Allen Has Some Big News

Friday morning’s Playbook has some BIG news, everyone! Mike Allen leads his newsletter with these exciting words: “&#£;*(!@#@$QW$%UDEHTYITY*erqyYI%^I”

Here we go. Allen is writing Playbook in another language AGAIN. Except this time, it’s Klingon. OK, not really. Allen explains that he has made the switch to his first ever iPhone yesterday. Congratulations, Mobile Mikey! Welcome to 2007! He says:

“Cold turkey; no training wheels; bye-bye BlackBerry; be a man; take the plunge; no dual devices. BlackBerry was amazing over several jobs and three presidents. We have had one for so long that we remember the days when people would say: “Your calculator is ringing.” (hat tip: Michael Kennedy).”

You would think that he’s talking about giving up smoking or taking the training wheels off his big boy bike. It’s not a life or death decision. If you’re one of the ZERO people who were wondering what could have caused such a monumental rift, Allen explains by saying, “BlackBerry stopped serving us: The last several models we tried would freeze all the time, held only a couple of photos, and were set for some foreign alphabet, producing odd automatic accent marks.” This is getting uglier than Alec Baldwin‘s latest divorce. Can you IMAGINE how crushed Blackberry must be?? Allen was one of the last holdouts. Fingers crossed that their stock doesn’t plunge and he doesn’t cause another recession.

Of course there are already well wishers. The Atlantic‘s Linda Douglass wrote on Twitter: “Mike Allen, Godspeed on the switch from #Blackberry to #iPhone. Let us know how it goes.”

Allen has asked for your support by soliciting iPhone tips, which you can email directly to him at mallen@politico.com. He will print the best ones, so please be creative. I’ll start with my tip. Mike, if you are constantly tapping away at your iPhone while everyone around you tries to engage you in thoughtful conversation, people will think you are a kook. That help?

Remember Mike, pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth, so while it might hurt you to make this jump, you’ll be a better person in the end. Just remember to stay strong and use the support of those around you in this difficult time. And one more thing: &# £;*(!@#@$QW$%UDEHTYITY*erqyYI%^I.