Politico’s Gavin Talks ‘Cat Poop’ on ‘Morning Joe’

This morning, MNSBC’s “Morning Joe” crew had a field day with Politico‘s Patrick Gavin’s cats. Gavin horrified host Joe Scarborough by telling him he has has three of the furry, clawed animals.

It’s not the first time they’ve poked fun of Gavin’s penchant for cats. In late April, ‘Morning Joe’ correspondent Willie Geist put a phony picture Gavin on the cover of Cat Fancy magazine. He told him his colleague, Mike Allen, wasn’t the only scribe with a fancy magazine cover (that was around the time that Allen graced the cover of the NYT magazine).

“Oh my god, what’s wrong with you?” Scarborough asked. …”Dude, buy a German Shepherd, this can’t be good for your social life. …How many guys do you know who have like three cats? Even one. Guys, don’t get cats! …This is not a good week to be a woman in America.”

The “cat poop” line turned up when Gavin cited a study linking cat poop and schizophrenia.