Political Discourse You(Boob)Tube Style

We were curious: If YouTube is the community that everyone says it is, if it’s about sharing the ideas that unite and divide this country, if it is — in essence — the newspapers of the new millennium, then, what, exactly is this medium giving voters during this homestretch to the elections?

Well, there’s no “politics” category on YouTube — so that should tell you something right there. And after viewing a 60 Minutes spot about Pelosi‘s promise not to impeach Bush, 853 of our fellow Americans responded. Here’s a sampling:

lamkhutte: hate hate hate thhis biatch!!

wangootangoo: You’d trust the country to this botox transportation system? Not me.

cpbrown1: Get used to her Right-tards she will be Speaker of the house. Its going to be a blowout the dems are really going to kickass. You guys might want to think about killing yourselves to avoid the pain.

We’re so despondent about the state of our electorate that we would like to move to another country — but then we’d have to worry that Madonna would adopt us.