PhotoTangler Collage Maker HD Creates & Shares Collages (now free)

PhotoTangler Collage Maker HD for iPad lets you easily select, assemble and arrange photos into a collage. Photos can easily be moved, resized and swiveled into various angles using two-finger gestures. Photos can also be arranged in the z-plane to let you decide which photos should be on top of the stack. The background color can also be adjusted. Finally, a caption can be added to the photo collage.

Photos can be obtained from the iPad’s photo library or from photos obtained from photos taken using the camera at the moment.

One created, a collage can be saved back to the iPad’s photo album as well as shared on Facebook. PhotoTangler does not provide a way to add a Facebook status text caption when posting the collage. So, the on collage text option needs to be used if you want to have some kind of text description without going to Facebook to add a text comment manually later.

PhotoTangler Collage Maker HD is normally $2.99. However, it became free this past weekend. There is no indication if this price change is temporary or permanent.