Peter Blake Gets Stiffed Again for Sgt. Pepper’s Cover


We feel like maybe we’d heard about this before, but since it’s been making the rounds in the UK news world, we figure it is something new after all. Story goes, artist/designer, Peter Blake, is upset that Apple Records, via EMI, won’t give him copyright for one of his most famous images, the cover The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s album. Here’s some from the Irish Examiner:

Peter Blake was paid $200 for his iconic 1967 cover creation, which features life-size cut outs of the band among an array of celebrities, but is barred from using the image on a new artistic project.

He says: “I’m doing a limited edition set of prints of the album covers I’ve done but Apple won’t let me do Sgt Pepper.

“They probably think ‘Stop moaning’ — but somebody along the line should have thought I deserved a share, like a bonus, or even acknowledgement that I was hard done by.”

We wonder how this’ll effect his big showing later in the year at the Tate Liverpool.