Permanent & Temp Hiring Set to Increase Latter Part of 2014

listeningWe’re in the home stretch now! Time is certainly flying and according to this CareerBuilder survey, the latter part of 2014 will be sizzlin’. That is, in terms of permanent and temporary hiring.

Per the survey, nearly half of U.S. employers intend to add full-time employees through December 31st and one-third of them plan to hire temporary workers. Both aspects bode well not just because it’s good news but because it’s higher than last year’s numbers, too.

Last year, employers were looking to hire contract workers through year-end but were planning to keep full-time hiring at a standstill. In fact, the plan to hire full-time workers this year is up from 44 percent last year. Essentially this year’s forecast showcases forward movement in all areas.

As for industries with the biggest bursts of employment? Information technology, financial services, hospitality and then health care. The types of roles include social media, mobile technology, cloud technology, wellness, online contact strategies, cyber security, search technology and more.