Per Andy’s Suggestions, The White House Cleans Itself Up


A bit of fun reported by Andy Rutledge. He pointed our way to the newly redesigned, which has a much, much nicer face to it. Then he also made mention of back last April when he put together one of his several Redux suggestion pages for sites (that time, of course, for the White House’s site). If you get a chance, go take a look to see his screen captures of what it used to look like, what he suggested, and what it looks like now. And before you start to ask, he already beat you to the punch back in April:

In answer to the questions of some, no, I did not land the White House redesign gig. This is just an exercise to address some design mistakes on the current site. Enjoy. And by the way, this is not a “real” redesign effort. I typically require 25 to 40 hours of discovery and design crunching in order to present a design. For this one I took all of 1 hour to mull things over, so try and ignore the result beyond addressing the issues cited in the critique. I repeat, this is just an exercise.

But now we must ask what will happen to