PBS Funding Expected to Increase Under Obama

PBS chief Paula Kerger is hopeful for a funding increase under the Obama administration next year- from $430 to $450 million.

The Hollywood Reporter took note of Kerger’s comments at a recent press tour- they report: Asked if she’s noticed any difference between the administrations of Obama and George W. Bush, Kerger said, “The best way to answer that question is, coming out of the administration, we received full funding for public broadcasting for the first time in eight years.”

The AP also reports federal money makes up about 15 percent of public broadcasting’s funding, with other sources including corporations and viewers.

And it’s not just funding that’s benefiting from the Obama administration. The President has taped an intro for the 40th anniversary of “Sesame Street” and Michelle Obama made an appearance on the show earlier this month. Check out the First Lady on “Sesame Street” after the jump…