Paul Wharton Wants to Make You Beautiful

You’ve seen ravishing Paul Wharton on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of DC and you were jealous. Well, no more. Now’s your chance to snag not only some of his style advice but some amazing photos, too (“for your career or just for yourself”).

In case you really need convincing:

“As you’ve now heard, the Beautiful You! Photo Shoots by Paul Wharton and his team are the best way for you to get the up to date, professional  shots you need for your career or just for yourself. Take part in a fabulous day of superstar treatment as you become the star in front of the lights, camera and action!”

We hadn’t actually heard, but we’ll take Wharton at his word.

Your $250 photo session will get you:

  • Hair styling
  • Professional makeup application
  • Wardrobe advice
  • Digital photo files
  • 2 distinct looks
  • Photo retouching

In addition to Real Housewives, Wharton boasts a long list of TV appearances that includes CNN and Fox News. You can catch Wharton’s current web series, “Paul Wharton Style,” at Vimeo. Here’s a season 1 episode with some the former-DC Housewives.

Paul Wharton Style – Episode 1 – Real Housewives of DC Cast Members from Paul Wharton on Vimeo.