Paul Budnitz, the Kidrobot Guy, Hires Girls and Makes Them Cry


We’ve got deep admiration for the mind behind Kidrobot, Paul Budnitz, who had a lot to say about creativity today. Like how we’re born as kids who have total abandon and freedom, that slowly deteriorates, dropping down below what he calls the “miserable fine art line.” So true.

He also had a lot to say about toys. The newest KR product is Peecol, his modern take on Playmobil features dictators and ravers, and has launched with Nuke, an American Gladiator-looking guy. Forget limited edition, you can’t even buy Nuke. KR only gives them away. But they’ve taken on a life of their own; the few proud owners have taken photos of Nuke around the world and started a blog. Check out the heinously-spelled to see the photos of Nuke. KR is rewarding their faithful consumers by slipping secret messages to those who become friends with Nuke on MySpace by sending them to secret locations to get their own. This was pretty awesome.

So. For all you who’ve been drooling during this entire post, get out your portfolio: Kidrobot is hiring a web designer and illustrator. Send your work to designjob AT

But you might not want to because in his final statement during the Q&A, Budnitz reveals the truth about what it’s like to work there. A young female intern was commissioned to work on a children’s clothing line, maybe too hard. “We pushed her,” says Budnitz. “I made her cry.”

That made us want to cry, too.

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