Patton Oswalt Likens Ratatouille Press Junket To Gitmo

Making fun of reporters who work press junkets is like poking fun of the elderly. That is, easy, hysterical and totally fair game.

Via the Onion‘s A.V. Club:

The A.V. Club: You were on a press junket all day today. What was that like?

Patton Oswalt: The junket itself has been really, really fascinating, and I’m trying to write down as much of it as I can. These are the kind of characters that, if you saw them in a Christopher Guest film, you would go, “You know what, I love Catherine O’Hara, but that was so from another planet, that wasn’t real.” Some of these people that are interviewing, oh my God, they look like early SCTV characters with a lot of prosthetic makeup on, or they all look like Dan Clowes drawings. A lot of these correspondents are just so fucked-up. They’re all trying to do their little gimmicks to make them stand out, so one guy brought his kid, and sat his kid on his lap, then he would whisper [questions to ask] in the kid’s ear.

AVC: It sounds pretty repetitive.

Patton Oswalt: I didn’t realize that being a celebrity — not that I’m a massive celebrity, someone like Will Smith — but now, when I see Will Smith or Tom Hanks give kind of a gobsmacked, deer-in-headlights interview, and I’m like, “What the fuck’s wrong with those guys?” Now I know what’s wrong with them. This is how they break people in Guantanamo: They ask them variations on the exact same question. “What time did you go to the store?” “At 12:15.” “So what time of day was it?” “At 12:15.” “So, was it 12:14?” They’re just breaking me down.


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