Patch EIC Asks Editors To Ramp Up Production

Patch editor in chief Brian Farnham sent off a memo to regional editors last week suggesting that Patch sites should start posting more.

Streetfight obtained a copy of the memo and sort of goes through it line by line.

Farnham wrote that 68 Patch sites are producing 6 or more articles per day, while the average article production at a Patch is 4.2 articles per day. (Patch requires editors to post 4x daily.)

“In South Florida,” he added, “14 sites just completed a three-month test that proved you can do 7 posts a day, hit your [unique visitor] goals, come in under budget, and cut the [local editor] work hours to between 40-50 hours/week. … So not only is more production possible, done smartly it’s possible to do with less pain.”

A Patch spokesperson then told Street Fight that, actually, the company was perfectly happy with the number of sites producing 6+ articles a day.

Farnham’s memo added “”If one of your sites is producing less than 4 posts a day (and unfortunately, there are a lot of these — nearly 350) immediately talk to that editor about it.” The spokesperson told Street Fight that that 350 number was way wrong.

Okay. But either way, when the boss says write more while working fewer hours, you don’t have too many options. Maybe that means you write shorter items or post photos, as Farnham suggests in his memo. Or it means you aggregate from your new unpaid bloggers. Because as much as everyone likes the phrase, it doesn’t seem quite possible to do more with less.