Pat Robertson To Purchase Newspaper?


The Rev. Sun Myung Moon might not be the only religious leader to own a mainstream US newspaper in the near future. Reports indicate that the Rev. Pat Robertson is giving serious thought to purchasing The Virginian-Pilot, a Norfolk-based newspaper that has published articles and op-eds critical of him in the past.

V-P owners Landmark communications are considering selling their assets, which include both the newspaper and The Weather Channel. According to the Virginian-Pilot:

Frank Batten Jr., the chairman and chief executive officer of Landmark, said Thursday he was not aware that Robertson was considering making an offer. Batten declined to discuss the possibility, saying, “I am not going to comment on the bidders.” […]
In the past, Robertson has expressed interest in purchasing journalistic businesses but has not completed the deals.

Although Robertson has not noted any interest in purchasing the Weather Channel, it would give him the perfect opportunity to cover those divinely ordered tornadoes he has commented upon in the past.

(Image via Three Blocks West)