Paparazzi Get Revved up for WHCD

There may be a scant few of them compared to LA and New York, but Washington has paparazzi too. And they’ll be wanting to be  at the top of their game this weekend at the WHCD.

WaPo magazine’s cover story this past weekend by wealth, class and income reporter Annie Gowen predominately features Colin Drummond, who once shot images of Oprah’s feet when she came to Washington to speak at a graduation. Which ordinarily wouldn’t be a big deal, except the picture showed her to have six toes. One picture reeled in $50,000.

As the story goes, after Six-Toed Oprah, life went uphill for Drummond, as every brush with the Queen of Talk tends to do.

But being paparazzi in Washington can have its nasty nothing moments. Like the time that Drummond interviewed Martin Sheen. In the process of not wanting to immediately ask about trainwreck son, Charlie, too quickly, he lost his chance. Instead he wound up with bland footage about the White House. “It’s covered in white paint,” Sheen told him before handlers quickly yanked him away.

In Nov. 2010, Politico‘s Patrick Gavin also wrote a story on D.C. paparazzi. In it, he discusses Drummond along with others like Mark Wilkins, who had coffee thrown in his face by Shia LaBeouf, and Chris Connor.

“Jackpot” shots for Drummond include the “three B’s: a baby a boyfriend or a bikini.”

This weekend, the WaPo story reports, will be big for Drummond at the WHCD. But also competitive. This year more than 100 photographers have signed on to cover Washington’s prom. That number has doubled since 2008.