Pandora Gets Serious About Comedy

Online streaming service offers tunes and laughs

Pandora is giving users something to smile about. For the past six years, Pandora has been delivering customized streaming music to its users, introducing the willing to new melodies that fit their song palate. Now, the company will do the same thing for comedy. The streaming service will go online today with 10,000 comedy clips of 700 comedians from the past and present.

The Comedy Genome Project works just as its predecessor, the Music Genome Project, does. Each comedy clip is analyzed for key traits such as delivery, content, and language. The project’s framers enlisted comedians to help in the task, identifying 100 traits by which a comedy clip could be assessed. The 3-to-6-minute tracks, featuring artists like Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, Cheech & Chong, and Joan Rivers, are already a favorite with record labels hoping to boost sales.

Advertisers are also poised to take advantage of Pandora’s comedic potential. Unilever has already signed up to advertise between comedy tracks, hoping products like Klondike bars and Axe body spray will effectively reach its key demographic: men.