Palm Springs Unveils Massive Marilyn Monroe Statue

This particular Marilyn Monroe is 26 feet tall and weighs 34,000 pounds. Tonight, beginning at 6 p.m., the statue will be officially unveiled in Palm Springs during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the corner of Tahquitz Canyon Way and Palm Canyon Drive.

About a thousand people are expected to attend tonight’s ceremony, which is roughly the same amount of bystanders who looked on the night Monroe shot the famous subway grate scene from The Seven Year Itch outside the Trans-Lux Theatre on Lexington Avenue in New York.

Among those in attendance for the shoot was celebrity photographer Bill Kobrin, now 90 and retired in the desert. He told the Desert Sun that it turned out to be a long night:

The shoot started at 11 p.m., Kobrin said. It wasn’t a wrap until about 3 a.m. “She wasn’t a one-take lady and with perfectionist [director] Billy Wilder, who wasn’t a one-take man either — well, it was a circus,” Kobrin said… “Everybody involved didn’t know what we had,” he said. “It took about ten years for that image of her skirt blowing to settle in as one of the historic photographs of the entertainment world.”

The “Forever Marilyn” statue, created by 80-year-old heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune Seward Johnson (!), was previously displayed in Chicago.