Palin and Rep. Frank Entertain at Gridiron’s First Tweet-able Dinner

Times are a-changin’ for the Gridiron Club. For the first time in its 124-year history, the Gridiron lifted its “off the record” rule at a dinner and allowed tweeting, CNN reported first (and tweeted).

USA Today‘s Susan Page, CNN’s John King, Time‘s Karen Tumulty, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times and Politics Daily’s Lynn Sweet and one of the Gridiron’s newest members Slate and CBS’ (and avid Tweeter) John Dickerson– just some of the journos at last night’s dinner whose Tweets we were following.

Sarah Palin- who was in town for a book signing- and Rep. Barney Frank were the winter dinner’s Republican and Democratic speakers, respectively.

Palin, who attended with husband Todd, poked fun at herself:

@mitchellreports: Surrounded by newsmen and women -Palin joked she likes being in dc – can see the russian embassy from her hotel room

@lynnsweet: Sarah Palin said she was at the Gridiron journo dinner ” to put a face to all those newspapers I do read.”

@ktumulty: Palin tells #gridiron that if situations had been reversed, biden would be writing memoir called “going rogaine”

@ktumulty: Palin tells #gridiron that in dc “I went out for a jog. Or as newsweek calls it–a photo shoot.”

@susanpage: More #palin at #gridiron: said she was addressing “leading journalists and intellectuals, or as I put it, a death panel.”

And some Frank highlights:

@susanpage: At #gridiron, Barney frank proposes reality tv show for palin-McCain: “John & Sarah minus 8.” says his show would be “king of queens.”

@mitchellreports: Barney doest tweet – says “maybe I lack intellectual curiousity bcuz I’m not that interested in what claire mccaskill had for lunch

And the closer…

@johnkingcnn: Governor Palin joins Gridiron Chorus for dinner final song, a twist on 12 Days of Christmas.

The Gridiron dinners are closed to the media- and club leaders say last night’s tweeting was just an experiment for now.

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