OZY Media Launches States of the Nation, a Yearlong Project to Cover All 50 States

It launches Jan. 22.

There are 52 weeks in a year and 50 states in our country, a math that allows OZY Media to take a year to explore what’s happening in the lives of people and local governments in each and every state.

Under a new project called States of the Nation, national politics reporter Nick Fouriezos will spend the year learning about and telling the stories of people and power across the country.

The plan is to spend about a week reporting from within every state, following a pre-planned but flexible itinerary in which Fouriezos will talk to the state’s power players and would be power players as well as citizens in order to report on state trends, their interplay with national policy, local issues of importance, as well reactions and responses to new federal policies and the early signs of their impact.

In a statement, OZY editor in chief Carlos Watson called it “an effort to capture the wide variety of reactions to this change in leadership and provide coverage of the actual effects of Trump policies and consequences of his political tactics on everyday Americans.”

Fouriezos will be joined at different points in his journey by other OZY staff, including Watson, producing both written and multimedia work for the project.

It launches Sunday, Jan. 22. First up: West Virginia.

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